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Wende Zomnir


Our story opens in the mid-'90s, when pink, red and beige enslaved the prestige beauty market. Flying in the face of this monopoly, Wende Zomnir and her co-conspirators unleashed a line of lipsticks and nail enamels inspired by seedier facets of the urban landscape. The vibe since day one? Beauty with an edge.

makeup junkie

Wende hails from Texas, the birthplace of makeup junkies. (She even competed in the pageant circuit!)

Put to the test

Wende road-tests every product we make—snowboarding, surfing and doing hot yoga in full makeup.

Urban Decay is beauty with an edge™—high-performance cosmetics in an insane range of shades. Created by makeup junkies, for makeup junkies.

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Does pink make you puke?

In the early days, UD challenged the '90s pink and beige status quo with groundbreaking shades like Smog, Rust, Oil Slick and Acid Rain. Back then, Wende mixed nail polish and assembled press kits in her Laguna Beach bungalow.

Newport beach

We've been in Orange County, California, since day one. Newport Beach is home to our offices, as well as our first flagship store—located just a few miles away at Fashion Island.


This is where the magic happens. Lovingly dubbed The Mothership, UDHQ is the epitome of our feminine, dangerous and fun mantra—bringing the UD experience to life with themed bathrooms and other unique touches.

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